Thursday, 21 November 2013

A Child Thoughts On An Immune India

‘Okay students, so here is an announcement for you all’ said the class teacher of class 4th, A.

Suddenly the chit-chat stopped and students listened to their teacher with rapt attention.

We are going to organize a competition on 21st of this November, which will be a written competition on the topic ‘An Immune India’. So those of you want to participate can give me your names after break.
‘Nishtha do you know what this word means?’ asked Ankur while scribbling on the paper and sneezing like hell.

Nishtha, being a regular student and a quick learner from childhood answers very politely ‘Immunity means when your body is resistant to any infection or diseases like your body is not immune’. You are very much prone to cold, why is it so?

I don’t know, I took all my medicines at time but its not working I think.
What did you have in your breakfast? She asks with curiosity.

Oh yes, I had these hamburger from the new store which were awesome. And I have brought them in my lunch box too, would you like some?  He said this with excitement in his voice.
I would love them. But do you eat such foods on daily basis?

‘Well most of the time but what’s the harm if they are tasty’. And anyways I don’t like that tasteless Milk, Chyawanprash and whatever you people have in your breakfast. Tell me don’t you like to have hamburger, pasta and cold drinks?

Yeah of courses I do but only once in a week? She told him that she love to have healthy breakfast with lots of fruits, milk and a spoon of Chyawanprash in her diet. And this is the reason I don’t get any absent marks and horrible sneezing like you.

I think you are right, from now on I will also induce healthy foods in my diet. Thank you so much Nishtha, I never paid attention to my eating habits. This is the reason why I am not able to perform well in class.

‘So tell me are you going to participate in the competition’?

‘Now, after I realize how important healthy eating for us is, I would definitely participate’. He said this with another sneezing.

They both laughed.

The second day begins with students preparing for their competition while Nishtha and Ankur are busy with their list of healthy habits.
‘Okay students, all the participants come to the class 6th, C for their writing competition’ a voice blared from speakers.

Competition ends and the next day begin with price distribution.

‘I would like to invite on stage Miss. Nishtha to come on stage and receive the prize’ said her class teacher.

She was awarded with a trophy and certificate stating that she won the competition.
‘Nishtha would you like to share your piece of writing with us?’ said the Principal.
And she begins with the reading.

Every day I woke up and offer my prayer to God. My mom says it is a good way to start your day and heading with positivity. My father gets me for morning walk and all the way through I feel the freshness of nature and quietness that will quickly vanish within a few hours.

Having fresh fruits, milk and Chyawanprash is our daily breakfast pack which sometimes altered by cheese sandwich and apple pudding. My parents told me that healthy living and eating contributes for a good health and sound mind.

Thereafter, starts my school which I enjoy most as I have many friends and good teachers with me. The day before yesterday, I had a conversation with my classmate, Ankur, who we all called D-cold because he sneezes all the time. He used to have all these junk foods in his diet and so I advise him to cut these things off and go for healthy food habits. I really hope this would help him to attend more and more classes and to get rid of his frequent colds.

I enjoy all my classes and sports activities by being actively present on each one of them. The reason I don’t get absent much is my mother who teaches me healthy habits. On weekends they let me for a movie, amusement parks and reading stores. My parents are great support for me and I will try to be the same for them as well.

With this I want to convey my message to all children that healthy living and eating is a great way to enhance our Country. So let’s pledge for An Immune India from now on.



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