Thursday, 21 November 2013

A Child Thoughts On An Immune India

‘Okay students, so here is an announcement for you all’ said the class teacher of class 4th, A.

Suddenly the chit-chat stopped and students listened to their teacher with rapt attention.

We are going to organize a competition on 21st of this November, which will be a written competition on the topic ‘An Immune India’. So those of you want to participate can give me your names after break.
‘Nishtha do you know what this word means?’ asked Ankur while scribbling on the paper and sneezing like hell.

Nishtha, being a regular student and a quick learner from childhood answers very politely ‘Immunity means when your body is resistant to any infection or diseases like your body is not immune’. You are very much prone to cold, why is it so?

I don’t know, I took all my medicines at time but its not working I think.
What did you have in your breakfast? She asks with curiosity.

Oh yes, I had these hamburger from the new store which were awesome. And I have brought them in my lunch box too, would you like some?  He said this with excitement in his voice.
I would love them. But do you eat such foods on daily basis?

‘Well most of the time but what’s the harm if they are tasty’. And anyways I don’t like that tasteless Milk, Chyawanprash and whatever you people have in your breakfast. Tell me don’t you like to have hamburger, pasta and cold drinks?

Yeah of courses I do but only once in a week? She told him that she love to have healthy breakfast with lots of fruits, milk and a spoon of Chyawanprash in her diet. And this is the reason I don’t get any absent marks and horrible sneezing like you.

I think you are right, from now on I will also induce healthy foods in my diet. Thank you so much Nishtha, I never paid attention to my eating habits. This is the reason why I am not able to perform well in class.

‘So tell me are you going to participate in the competition’?

‘Now, after I realize how important healthy eating for us is, I would definitely participate’. He said this with another sneezing.

They both laughed.

The second day begins with students preparing for their competition while Nishtha and Ankur are busy with their list of healthy habits.
‘Okay students, all the participants come to the class 6th, C for their writing competition’ a voice blared from speakers.

Competition ends and the next day begin with price distribution.

‘I would like to invite on stage Miss. Nishtha to come on stage and receive the prize’ said her class teacher.

She was awarded with a trophy and certificate stating that she won the competition.
‘Nishtha would you like to share your piece of writing with us?’ said the Principal.
And she begins with the reading.

Every day I woke up and offer my prayer to God. My mom says it is a good way to start your day and heading with positivity. My father gets me for morning walk and all the way through I feel the freshness of nature and quietness that will quickly vanish within a few hours.

Having fresh fruits, milk and Chyawanprash is our daily breakfast pack which sometimes altered by cheese sandwich and apple pudding. My parents told me that healthy living and eating contributes for a good health and sound mind.

Thereafter, starts my school which I enjoy most as I have many friends and good teachers with me. The day before yesterday, I had a conversation with my classmate, Ankur, who we all called D-cold because he sneezes all the time. He used to have all these junk foods in his diet and so I advise him to cut these things off and go for healthy food habits. I really hope this would help him to attend more and more classes and to get rid of his frequent colds.

I enjoy all my classes and sports activities by being actively present on each one of them. The reason I don’t get absent much is my mother who teaches me healthy habits. On weekends they let me for a movie, amusement parks and reading stores. My parents are great support for me and I will try to be the same for them as well.

With this I want to convey my message to all children that healthy living and eating is a great way to enhance our Country. So let’s pledge for An Immune India from now on.


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

What Is SEO?

SEO or Internet marketing is a tactic which increases the online business by optimization of search engines. This includes various strategies which keep on changing with Google updates.
Most of the traffic comes from the search engines, which mean being on the first page of Google can be your plus point. Here, your audience can reach you directly by knowing your product and services.

Search engine optimization services
-  Press release submission
-  Article submission
Link building services
-  Social media marketing
-   Reciprocal link building’
-   Directory submission

Business benefits
-   Higher brand credibility
-   Better ROI than normal ads
-   Increase in traffic
-   Stand out your website
-   Results are low-cost
-  You can track your competitors
-   Results can be easily tracked
-   Better usability
-   Broadened market
-   Brand visibility
-  You can explore new market
-  Achieve better conversion rates
-   Open your business 24x7

Halwits has been providing this service for a long time and have rich customer profile. We have SEO experts who initiate their working after well-done research. They are prolific in their work and produce effective results.
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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Tips That Increase Your Conversion Rates

Web development has form an important part among people who has their business online. Every website which is there striving for getting the maximum number of people is more or less very keen towards conversion optimization. Conversion optimization is a simple process where you make you site more appealing in order to convert your visitors into buyers. This involves improving the looks of your website along with working on its messaging and processes to make it easier to use by people.
The best thing with conversion optimization is you don’t need to change its functionality or something but minor changes can work miracle.
In order to improve the experience of your website for your visitors, the first thing is to know them and provide them instantly.
Below are some important considerations to increase your conversion rates:
1. Making changes in visuals Conversion mainly depends upon how people look at your sites because design matters a lot. Make sure you have appropriate color and fonts on your website. For greater results, run a small research to check what lacks in your site and work on that factor.
2.  Know your objective It should be known to every web developer as to what their customers want and what are they looking for. Include this thing in your navigation panels so that your visitors can easily reach to their goal and make their purchase.
3. Clear your prime message Make sure you have a clear cut message that reflects your unique value proposition. Simplifying your message and processes will automatically generate conversion rates.
4.  Make the visitor’s journey short It is important to notice as how many clicks are required by visitor to reach the goal?  A long process may lead a visitor to drop out in middle of the navigation so try to make this journey within two or three clicks away.
5.  Track thoroughly Before applying any changes, track things by checking whether the alteration will give you desired results.  
6.  Place best content on pages having maximum visits Make sure you place your best content on the page which have maximum visitors.  
 Conversion optimization is very important for business to gain profits. Though it seems easy but its operation is what swings you in trouble. Therefore, it is essential to have a frequent checker in order to know where you lack.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

What To Plan While Making Mobile Applications?

The world of Mobile users is getting bigger day by day and the most common reason behind it is they can easily browse Internet and innovative apps advantage. This is the current rage of every students and professionals.

Right now almost every individual possess handheld devices and the reasons are quite obvious. We witness plethora of latest apps from weather apps to celebrity apps and are enjoying them equally. Mobile applications give us an easy living and instant connecting with our favorite things. While you purchase mobile, you will enjoy some pre-installed apps otherwise you can download them from Internet in minimum time.  

The creative minds behind these apps are Mobile application development companies who run several research programs in order to know the current scenario and their expected outcome. But there are some things which they have to keep in their mind while generating an app which are:

Segmentation of your customers It is the prime rule of marketing to detect the summary of your customers. A mobile app is basically made for any product or show or anything but all of them has a particular audience and that’s what developer has to look upon. Observe your potential customers and develop your app especially for them. This will penetrate your search and also increase selling.

Platform for which you are developing In the name of platform, hundreds of them are there in the market. It is just impossible to develop an app that can run on all mobiles. Every mobile carry different features and thus you can’t use an android app in an iPhone.

Engagement technique While producing your app, engaging the customers are the key point to notice. So you can add various features on that same app but execute them in non-continuous way so that your users can engage with your product simultaneously.

Plan a budget Money is everything and if you are in such business then you have to decide everything on the basis of your budget. See if you are going to make an app then consider your budget as it is quite a costly process.  

Researching This single most part should be considered at the beginning of your thinking. It will deal with the current trends that other companies are using. It is important as these will decide how strong and communicative your app is.

It is important to note that app development is a part of communication process where you develop good liaisons with your customers. Therefore, you have to keep in mind every single aspect so that your customers will never turn back for other apps.


Thursday, 25 July 2013

Useful Tips For Local Businesses After The Arrival Of Penguin 2.0

When Google launched its latest update on 22nd May, various Internet Marketing companies were quite shocked as what to do next. But for local or small business, it proves to be a boon. It clearly states that it will focus on back links and manipulative link building tactics and anchor text use. One thing that makes it effective for local business is it has integrated local results into organic searches for broader search queries. It’s obvious that local business can take good advantage of this to market their services. Here are some tips which will help the small businesses to flourish.

Local Citations It is the main part of SEO which companies provide as SEO servicesYour address, number, Brand name are the main things which decides your local marketing. Write them well and updated and also according to your niche so that it can lead to local search rankings.         Do check them on yellow pages, city search or wherever you have put them to ensure that they are correct.

Responsive sites Make your site responsive so that mobile users can use them too. Most of the search regarding local business is performed over mobile which is owned by every other individual. Definitely it’s inevitable to avoid them.

Make use of Guest blogs Many local businesses today are flourishing by creating strong relation with their guest. It is very important to interact with people as you will come to know their views about your company. So make your guest post impulsive and interesting by inviting people.

Local Press Releases Press releases is another material that can increase the exposure of your site. You can write well informed news like release so that people can know what is new in your business. It may drive them to at least visit your site which is the first step to grab the customers.

Clean link profile Your back links are very essential part of your business. That’s why you can make their reports and mark them as good, bad and average.

Social tool Of course no other tool is as effective as social media. Make creative use of Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest to bloom your business. It gives you an online advantage to get your potential customers and to connect with your current customers.

Local Content Marketing Content can make your company profile more trustworthy. So choose mobile and social sites to publish your content and to interact with your target customers

Well, everything which is local is beneficial for you. If you just invest sometime on Internet, you will come out with a bunch of ideas. Various SEO companies in India which are of local level are giving premium services to small businesses.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Website + Promotion i.e. ‘Content Marketing’

Though content marketing seems like a new term but it is quite old. Earlier people use to write quality content to promote their website as per Google Algorithms, this was known as content marketing but it obtained its name after the 2012 Google Penguin update. It is the new name of SEO which Internet marketing companies are giving much attention.

Right content Marketing
Its okay to assume that you are indulged in content marketing sounds good isn’t it? But are you following the right path to make this workable. If not then chances are quite good that your website would fall hurriedly. It’s a long term goal so you should have a plan of at least 1-2 years to make it successful.

Distribution Technique It’s good to have good content but it would no longer be unless you promote it. Start promoting it now.

Lively content Good, informative and to-the-point content always work. Readers watch for this content not some copied stuff.

Cathy Titles Your title is what Google looks for. Make your title is simple yet search engine friendly to get that top rankings.

Visual content It may sound weird but yes visuals always works. 90% of information which reader gets is through visuals. So make Info graphics your ultimate tool to grab their attention. It gives dual benefits as content plus visuals.

Use variations in content To find out what type of theme would readers like, do write different contents. This variation would not only make the content evergreen but also search engine friendly.

Social Networks Face book, twitter and Google plus are the new platform to connect with audience and showcase your ability.

Is content all that matters for Search Engine Optimization?
It plays 50% role in giving best SEO services but the rest is up to other tools. In case you have not noticed but Penguin 2.0 have 200 more points that is considered essential from the aspect of Internet marketing.
You are still left with Internal linking and external links. You got to know like to which sites are you linking your webpage links. Earlier update of Penguin has clearly mentioned that links with spammed website can be hazardous or your business.
Have you even placed a sitemap on your website? Did you maintain your blogs and forums in order to get the visitors? These are some things which you should consider as reminders.

The conclusion of this article is that content is the king and content marketing is long-run task. But surely you have to keep eyes another updates which are crucial for Google Algorithms.

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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Insights of Web development services

Over the years, almost every enterprise is opting for Web Development. It works for both static and dynamic website. It includes various fields like web content development, web design, web server configuration and e-commerce websites. This is quite a tedious process where Website designers decide the layout and design, and Web developers involved in writing markups and coding. This whole business of web development has improved over the years and so its services. These are the set of treasures that set your website on the top rank and drive maximum traffic. Some of the services are:-

  1. Finding the best keywords: Various Internet providers’ would find the best keyword that suit your niche and also find the most searches keyword for Your Company. This would help your site to come at the top ten pages of the search engine.
  2. Meta Tags: If you are lucky enough to find a good Web developer then he will understand the need of unique Meta tags for each web page. This will help in keeping your pages distinct from one another.
  3. Lessening the use of Frame: It should be very well clear that the frame for an Intranet is different from Internet. It is essential to redevelop your site at regular intervals preferably after every three months.
  4. Content Management: Content is important more than anything for every site.Software development can prosper only with the help of good and updated content.
  5. SEO: It has become the key to everything. It can work wonders if apply properly.


They play very important role for our business. They easily gratify the demand through their services. At its early phase it may seem bothering but its results are equally responding.

  1. Improve business management and makes it smooth.
  2. Helps in deploying your business globally by showcasing your work digitally.
  3. Improves relationship with clients and investors.
  4. Helps monitoring the workforce without any extra effort.
  5. Showcases your work on a single platform.

How to choose a good web development company?

A good web development company should have all aspects of producing strong results. Its services should be well mirrored in its brand. Whatever are your aims and visions regarding your own company, should be well treated by web Development Company and that also within your budget. They should treat you like your permanent client and work accordingly. Lastly, do a lot of research and heed for word-of-mouth publicity to get the best company.

Web development is required for every business and one should pay special attention while working with them. Either your business will top or halt, depends who you choose.